Various areas of commercial photography are available all at your premises or a location of your choice.

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How long will the photo shoot take?

The length of the shoot depends on:

  • what you require photographing
  • where you want it photographed
  • the amount of shots needed
  • the variety of people or products you want photographed.
  • the size of the products
  • the time it takes to prepare the product or person for the shoot

Usually it takes about 30 to 40 minutes to setup the photography equipment at the start and a similar amount of time to pack everything back up again.

Certain subjects are easier to photograph than others. Subjects with transparent, shiny or mirrored surfaces usually require more time to set up as special attention must be given to the reflections.

If the subjects are similar then once the lighting and camera is set up for the first person or product then they can be photographed as fast as they can be prepared and placed in the right position. Changes in the subjects such as their size, height, sex, colour, tone and especially transparency or reflectance will usually require adjustments to the lighting and camera settings. As such it is more efficient to photograph all similar products or people one after the other until all are done before moving onto a different set of products or people. 

What space is required for the photo shoot?

Probably more than you think! The space requirements depend on the size of the subject, size of the backdrop if it is used, how far the photographer needs to stand back from the subject and where the lighting equipment needs to be placed relative to the subject.

The colour of the walls, floor and ceiling are important as that colour can “leak” onto the subject. Setting up my studio in a larger room helps avoid this problem but a neutral coloured room is preferable.

The existing lighting in the room will not influence the final images as long as there is no direct sunlight influencing the scene as the camera only picks up the light from the studio flashes.

My main flash lights need mains power to operate but if no sockets are available I do have battery powered flashes as well.

What background options are available?

I can provide white, grey or black backdrops but using coloured lights it is possible to produce any colour background you require. I can also use any location you can provide as a background.

When will I receive the images?

If you choose not to have your images retouched you will usually receive the images within a few days after the shoot. If you want the images to be retouched first then it will take longer due to the extra work required which will depend on the amount of retouching you want performed and the number of images.

What format will I receive the images in?

I will send the images as full resolution JPEGs. Other options are available so just ask if you require a different size or format.

How will I receive the images?

The images will be colour corrected and any inferior quality images removed. The images will be compressed into a single ZIP file and uploaded to my Dropbox account which I will send you a link to so you can download them at your leisure. Ensure you extract the images from the ZIP folder before attempting to view them. You can then delete the ZIP file.

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