We provide digital photographs of your furniture for your website, magazine, brochure, leaflet or other promotional materials. We bring the studio to your premises which saves you the inconvenience of transporting all your furniture. The camera equipment, flash lighting, backgrounds and other studio equipment are brought to your premises and a fully functional studio is set-up right there to photograph your products.

Why use our service?

White background or room set shoot?

Your furniture can be photographed on a white background or room set. The white background will be provided and will require some editing afterwards to clean and brighten the background.  A simple room set can consist of a roll of laminate flooring or carpet laid down in front of painted or wallpapered wall. For more information of building a room set contact us.

What space is required for the photo shoot?

The white background requires at least 3 m in width to accommodate it. Generally speaking the larger the item the further back I need to stand to take pictures. So at least 4 m in length is required for lamp table sized items to 10 m for bed sized furniture. A wider lens can be used if a long space cannot be provided. The height of the room isn’t so important but a higher ceiling does help. The colour of the walls, floor and ceiling are important as that colour can “leak” onto the subject. Setting up my studio in a larger room helps avoid this problem but a neutral coloured room is preferable.

A clean, solid floor is required for the white background to lay on.

The existing lighting in the room will not influence the final images as long as there is no direct sunlight influencing the scene as the camera only picks up the light from the studio flashes.

My main flash lights need mains power to operate but if no sockets are available I do have battery powered flashes as well.

How long will the furniture shoot take?

The length of the shoot depends on the number, size, variety and complexity of the furniture being photographed.  The photographer can move small items on his own but to shorten the length of the shoot it helps if the photographer can concentrate purely on photography. A photography assistant can be provided at extra cost or employees in your own company can assist with moving furniture.

How do I prepare for the photo shoot?

  • Create a list of all the furniture to be photographed. Include on the list any specific information such as different angles, close-ups or arrangements. If you have example images of the type of shots you are after then they can also be helpful.
  • Arrange for the furniture to be photographed in size order starting from the smallest to the largest. Using this method means less time is spent re-adjusting the lighting to accommodate different sized objects.
  • If possible prepare all the furniture prior to the shoot taking place. If the furniture is boxed then take it out the box and remove all packaging. Bed linen, pillow cases, duvet covers or other fabrics might need ironing beforehand to remove creases.
  • Ensure the furniture is clean and dust free. Clean the feet or base of the item of furniture that will be in contact with the floor and place on a clean surface prior to the shoot. The furniture can then be transferred straight onto the background and this will help keep the background clean.

When will I receive the images?

If you choose not to have your images edited you will usually receive the images within a few days after the shoot. If you want the images to be retouched first then it will take longer due to the extra work required which will depend on the amount of retouching you want performed and the number of images.

What format will I receive the images in?

I will send the images as full resolution JPEGs. Other options are available so just ask if you require a different size or format.

How will I receive the images?

The images will be compressed into a single ZIP file and uploaded to my Dropbox account which I will send you a link to so you can download them at your leisure. Ensure you extract the images from the ZIP folder before attempting to view them. You can then delete the ZIP file.

When your furniture has been photographed on a white background the images will require some editing to ensure the background is completely white and to remove any marks left on the background.

A cut-out can be created or the background simply whitened with the shadow of the furniture left in or taken out. Once your furniture is “cut-out” from the background it will stand out more and also blend seamlessly with any pure white background. All images are colour-corrected as standard.

The examples in the following slideshow show the difference editing the background makes to the images and demonstrates how the edited images blend in perfectly with the white background on this section.

Example of table & chairs furniture set photographed on a white background after whitening the background in Photoshop
Example of table & chairs furniture set photographed on a white background before whitening the background in Photoshop
Example of oak sideboard furniture photographed on a white background after whitening the background in Photoshop
Example of oak sideboard furniture photographed on a white background before whitening the background in Photoshop

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